My name is Matt Mourning. I am a 23-year old native of St. Louis, Missouri living in New Orleans and attending graduate school for a master’s in urban planning at the University of New Orleans.

Misfit Stream is a class project for a course entitled Environmental Planning.

My perspective as a historic preservationist from St. Louis informs this blog and all of its posts; yet I am delving into a related topic woefully under-explored by me in my previous studies: conservation. I am looking specifically at three ecological restorations in St. Louis.

1) A beautification project of a channelized river called the River des Peres

2) A¬†introduction of a now rare habitat that used to dominate the state of Missouri–the oak savanna–in Forest Park.

3) A restoration of an extremely depleted habitat–the tallgrass prairie–that also used to call most of Missouri home, this time in St. Louis’s Calvary Cemetery.

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